We are a company that utilises a combination of, IT-As-a-Service and , business expertise, in-depth engagement, and years of industry experience to help improve our customers’ operational efficiencies, business processes, customer relations, market competitiveness and profitability.


Application and Cloud Services

We assist our clients to choose the Right applications and Cloud solution for their Business Intellect Ideas can also design extensive portfolio of business applications and cloud services environment which will result in technology working for your business ensuing efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Fully Managed IT Services

We’ll resolve your IT glitches before they affect your business. With years of experience behind the company we deliver cost effective and reliable solutions according to industry best practices, ensuring the highest quality of hardware and services to all our client worldwide.

IT Project Management Solutions

We specialise in the design, supply, installation and support of complex IT Projects on time and within budget. Our project management team possess the requisite technical and project management skills to ensure that your next IT project is well thought out, developed and implemented to meet your deadlines and budgets.

Over 100 companies trust us.

Our track record spans more than seven years of providing impactful integrated ICT solutions to a portfolio of customers that include some industry leading brands, which has enabled us to garner invaluable experience and helped us build a reputation as a company that is firmly focused on thinking outside the box to ensure that our solutions are continuously improving, making us one of the most sought after service providers within our knowledge space.